Why Buttalks?

We believe you need comfort in this never-ending world of drama and trauma. And what better place to start than your ‘inners’elf? That’s right, bid adieu to those ugly back hugging pairs of underwear and say hello to the best in the market! With top brands curated and picked just for you by the lovely Zasha, it's always time for 'bottoms up' at Buttalks.

Meet Zasha, the most surreptitious personal stylist in the country. She's been undercover across the world from New York to Tokyo. After a decade of styling the most influential people's underwear, she is now back home.

Pick your Plan

Every season is a reason to upgrade your 'inner' game.




I subscribed out of sheer curiosity, to see what the buzz was all about, I have to admit I am mighty impressed. The underwear selection is top notch and I'm super happy about the comfort quotient.



This is really convenient... now I don't have to answer any embarrassing questions from the salesmen when I have to pick underwear for my husband.



My boyfriend never really understood how much his boring underwear bothered me. This is the perfect service to make our boyfriends wear what we want.