Underwear 101

Underwear 101
18 Jul'18
There's a lot more that goes into choosing underwear than what meets the eye. 
Size. Style. Shades. Situation. 
But the solution? 

This is where we come in. 
We'll cover your ass, out of the benevolence of our hearts. And also because we can't stand ill-fitting undies. Hell no. 

At Buttalks, it's simple - you answer a bunch of questions and we'll deliver underwear at your doorstep, one for every occasion. Yes, every occasion. 
We know what you're thinking and no, a pair across all the PJs and pants you own doesn't cut it. 
Before you begin to hyperventilate, don't. 
We have a dash of Zash coming your way. 

A big presentation in the works? You’ll need an undergarment that sculpts to your body so that you're calm and cool, even when your boss is anything but that. 

Working Out:  
Keep the boys in check with a pair that maintains its shape while keeping you cool and dry. Take it from us - anti-perspiration is key, mate. 

Date Night: 
We have two words for you: Nice n easy. 
Go all guns blazing and bowl your significant other over. Sexy times lie ahead. 

Chilling At Home: 
Whether it's just 'Chill' or 'Netflix and Chill', you'll need comfortable undies that'll help you be in your element, across all forms of sleeping. 

We also have underwear for those times you're feeling particularly, ahem, adventurous. 
And we don't mean that in the 'explore jungles' sense. 
Actually, wait, we kind of do. 

Bet you wish shopping was this easy and customizable everywhere, right?