A Tight(y-Whitey) Situation
19 May'17
Okay, picture this.
A candlelit room. Rose petals laid gently on the bed. Soft jazz music on the stereo. Red wine. Shirts thrown haphazardly around the room.

As I reclined on the bed, Pierre (aka my hunk of a date) got to work on his lower half. My eyes followed the trajectory of his fingers as he lowered the zipper on his jeans, tooth by tooth. As he slid them off and stepped out with a smirk, I could feel the world slowing down around me. Pierre was saying something but I could only hear the blood rushing through my ears. Everything became a blur - my eyes were just honed in on one area.
Wait a minute. Hold up. It's NOT what you're thinking. I wasn't gawking at the man's junk. Far from that.

Standing there, in all his glory, with his hands on his hips, stood my tighty-whitey-wearing date. Correction. Old-saggy-HOLEY-tighty-whitey-wearing date.*

You know those silent horror movies where your mouth opens in a scream but no sound comes out? That was me. The only difference being this wasn't reel life, it was real. Regrettably, unfortunately, real. And that, was my unceremonious wake-up call. I grabbed my stuff, left my naked date sprawled across the bed and hot-footed it out of there before he could say, "But, baaaabe!"

From that day on, I made a vow - to never let another woman or man endure the travesty I did. To not let any man wear unmentionable underwear ever again. To burn all the tighty-whiteys on this planet. (#longtermgoals)

I swore to be the silent guardian, the watchful protector of every innerwear decision. Because there's no space in the world for bad undies. Not 'under' my watch.

Zasha out.
Underwear 101
08 Feb'18
There's a lot more that goes into choosing underwear than what meets the eye. 
Size. Style. Shades. Situation. 
But the solution? 

This is where we come in. 
We'll cover your ass, out of the benevolence of our hearts. And also because we can't stand ill-fitting undies. Hell no. 

At Buttalks, it's simple - you answer a bunch of questions and we'll deliver underwear at your doorstep, one for every occasion. Yes, every occasion. 
We know what you're thinking and no, a pair across all the PJs and pants you own doesn't cut it. 
Before you begin to hyperventilate, don't. 
We have a dash of Zash coming your way. 

A big presentation in the works? You’ll need an undergarment that sculpts to your body so that you're calm and cool, even when your boss is anything but that. 

Working Out:  
Keep the boys in check with a pair that maintains its shape while keeping you cool and dry. Take it from us - anti-perspiration is key, mate. 

Date Night: 
We have two words for you: Nice n easy. 
Go all guns blazing and bowl your significant other over. Sexy times lie ahead. 

Chilling At Home: 
Whether it's just 'Chill' or 'Netflix and Chill', you'll need comfortable undies that'll help you be in your element, across all forms of sleeping. 

We also have underwear for those times you're feeling particularly, ahem, adventurous. 
And we don't mean that in the 'explore jungles' sense. 
Actually, wait, we kind of do. 

Bet you wish shopping was this easy and customizable everywhere, right? 

Top Underwear Trends Of 2017
11 Feb'18
Undies are the unsung heroes of our wardrobe. 
But we've neglected to give them their rightful due for too long now.
So its about time we start singing its praises. 

3,2,1 ... Let's go.  

Jock Strap Back
Presenting the style with the maximum variants for every kind of player out there. Sports and the other kind. Hey, scoring's involved in both, right?  

Men's Lingerie
Move over, women. Lingerie's not just your department anymore. 2017 definitely helped men's lingerie stride out of the taboo box. 
We can't wait to see more in this department. 
The lingerie, we mean. 

G-String Thongs
A minimal masterpiece, indeed. It's small but hell, it makes a pretty damn big impact. 

Low-Rise Briefs

With an attitude that's always brief and to the point, low-rise briefs did the job perfectly. Multiple times. 

Odour Eliminating Boxers
Day 7. A remote mountain in the middle of nowhere. No store in sight. Bet you're glad you invested in this, eh? 

Mesh Fabric
Hmm. To see or not to see. 

Contour Bikini
When life's a beach, go down this route. 

Cotton Stretch
The ever dependable, ever reliable pair you can always bank on. Much like Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill. 

So, the fact of the matter is, undies are getting quirkier, stranger, cooler and more interesting by the day. 
But, how do you up your game when it comes to underwear? 

That's where we come in. 
Subscribe to Buttalks today! 

14 Feb'18
Now since we've gotten your attention...you get exactly what you clicked on.

Lace. Velvet. Satin. Silk. Rayon. Spandex. Nylon. Lycra. Leather (ooooh). 

Backless. Strapless. Bandeau. Halter. Front-opening. Side-opening. Back-opening. Every-kind-of-opening. 

Stockings. Garters. Suspenders. Fishnets. Baby Dolls. Corsets. Bustiers. G-strings. Thongs. 

Peacock. Prussian. Cerulean. Azure. Turquoise. Indigo. 
Those are just shades of one colour, mind you. 
And the last time I checked, there are 10 million colours visible to the naked eye. 

Yes, getting down to that now. (Figuratively).  
I agree that said staggering collection of lingerie will have to eventually come off at one point in time, but HEY, presentation is key. 

And we take A LOT of effort on that part. 
You think hooking ourselves up to a bunch of straps, belts and buckles is our idea of fun? 
If we reeaalllly wanted that, we'd bungee jump. 

So imagine our utter, utter frustration when we're greeted with the sight of you in a pair of old boxers with a couple of holes in them. 
F**king holes. 

Like, come on, guys. FFS. 
We're not tough to figure out. Honestly. 
We appreciate the present. 
Just not the gift wrapper. 

So, move your ass. 
Get changing. Literally. 
And here's something that'll help you up your underwear game - www.buttalks.in. 

You're welcome.